September 24, 2018 updates on Trail acid spills

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A very small acid leak occurred again this past weekend. The only evidence of acid was three small, dime-sized spots just outside the entrance to the Reload Centre in Waneta, and approximately one cup onsite at the Reload Centre. IRM has provided this news release with further details.

The most recent acid leak, although small, is frustrating and should not have happened. I’ve been in touch with the Ministers of Transportation & Infrastructure, Environment, and the Attorney General’s office. All parties involved are keeping this as a top priority as we continue to work with ICBC, Teck and IRM to get clarity about the questions that constituents are bringing to us.

I met with Teck yesterday and they have been able to provide me additional information that you can read here.

The documents referred to above can also be found at my Trail Acid Spill Info Page, which I’m continuing to update as new information becomes available.